How It Works

Emotions are not scheduled. Let us help you take the weight off your shoulders. Your mental healing can start today.

  • Download the AHS Student TELE-HELP 24/7

  • View the provider’s  calendar; then make an appointment

  • Sign onto the AHS system using their student ID/Password

  • The provider will then “virtual access” the student at the scheduled time

  • Choose service needed: Psych, Counseling, Therapy etc.

  • Select a provider of choice

  • Student/ provider sessions are confidential 

  • Access to off-campus services are available


What is Talk Therapy?

Talk therapy is a treatment based in dialogue -- talking about what's bothering you with a professional who is supportive, neutral, and nonjudgmental.


If you feel uncomfortable discussing things in person, Student TELE-HELP 24/7 would be ideal for you. 




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