What is Student TeleHelp 24/7?

Student TeleHelp 24/7is a confidential, virtual behavioral health service designed to provide college and university students with another option to obtain counseling, therapy and provider services for mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, grief, guilt, PTSD due to sexual assault, substance abuse or suicidal ideation. Our services are provided without cost to the student.

Who Can Use Student TeleHelp 24/7?

Any undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled at Student TeleHelp 24/7partner university or college.

How do students connect with a Student TeleHelp 24/7 Professional?

Students may connect with our providers using two-way online video conferencing. To access our network of providers, eligible students will be required to log into our network, provide their university student identification number, university email address and other contact information.

When speaking with a provider, students will be required to verify their identity and verify that they are in a private space.

Can I access the system using my computer or mobile devices?

Yes. Students may use an iPhone, IPad or Android for conducting video sessions. Use of the latest version of Chrome or Firefox are recommended, along with a webcam and microphone. If available headsets may be useful for minimizing noise and increasing clarity.

Will students need a referral to make a Student TeleHelp 24/7 appointment?

No. Students are not required to obtain a referral from their primary care provider, local mental health provider, or any person at the university.

What are Student TeleHelp 24/7 hours of operation?

Student TeleHelp 24/7providers are available, virtually, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

How do students schedule an appointment with Student TeleHelp 24/7?


Eligible students will need to log into our website, provide their university student ID#, email address and other contact information to get started.

After the student completes the intake questionnaire, he/she/they will be able to access our directory and select a provider who fits their objectives, preferences, and the type of issues he/she/they are dealing with.​

What will happen during the Student TeleHelp 24/7 first session?

During the first session the provider will verify the student's identity and private location, review the completed intake documents, inquire as to why the student is seeking services, discuss any current symptoms, engage in personal goal setting for the counseling process, and schedule a follow-up appointment. Most counseling sessions last approximately 45-50 minutes. ​

Tips for a successful session with a Student TeleHelp 24/7professional. Counseling is a collaborative process.


Active engagement in each session is important to realize a sense of value for the counseling experience. Some helpful suggestions for a successful session are:

·       Commit to the scheduled appointments

·       Be open and honest

·       Ask questions and provide feedback to the provider

·       Remember this is not a destination...it's a journey


What should students do if he/she/they have to cancel an appointment?

Students are expected to provide 24-hours notice of cancellation of their scheduled appointment to their provider.

How do students get a prescription if they need one?

Currently, Student TeleHelp 24/7providers ​do not​ prescribe medication. Students are recommended to consult with their primary care physician for their prescription or medication needs, and to keep their Student TeleHelp 24/7provider informed of any prescribed medication, changes in medication and/or diagnosis.

Who can access student a Student TeleHelp 24/7student’s health information?

Patient or counseling notes, data, or images are considered as protected health information by the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA).

Can students access the same provider for each visit?

Yes. Students are encouraged to schedule future appointments with their provider at the conclusion of their initial session. Students may elect to change providers at their discretion.

Is Student TeleHelp24/7 an effective form of counseling?

Our confidence in the TeleHelp24/7 platform comes from many studies that confirm the effectiveness of online health services, which are available across all 50 states.

How many sessions does Student TeleHelp 24/7offer?

Student TeleHelp 24/7provides unlimited, customized one-on-one therapy sessions.

Can students refer another student?

Students may encourage another ​eligible​ college or university student to contact Student TeleHelp 24/7provider services; however, the student must self-identify and complete the enrollment process to access our network and make an appointment.

Where can students get more information?


For more information, students are encouraged to visit our website, studenttelehelp.org, send an email to, ​customerservice@telehelp247.org

If you are in a life threatening situation please dial 911 or - Call +1 (800) 273-8255. For additional resources click here 



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