Student TeleHelp 24/7 is a division of TeleHelp 24/7, a mental healthcare company that is primarily focused on communities of color. Our holistic commitment of comprehensive behavioral health is purposely driven on service with understanding.  We are committed to providing integrity, continuity, and quality care solutions with a unique approach fosters our mission to provide “culturally competent” mental healthcare.


This means our services are specially designed to “meet you where you are”, with medical counselors, practitioners and professionals who have a heightened awareness on varying cultural differences. This conscious methodology is purposefully designed with you in mind and will provide a more positive perception of how to receive the proper care for mental illness.


TeleHelp 24/7 offers a wide range of mental health virtual services all of which foster our mission to promote personal and private mental wellness.  We have 4 divisions that provide focused attention on individual needs and will serve various communities:


Student TeleHelp 24/7 – serving college and university students through the school’s sanctioned partnership with TeleHelp 24/7 


Faith-based TeleHelp 24/7 – serving churches and other faith-based institutions 


First Responders TeleHelp 247 – Serving first responders such as fire, police and paramedics


Personal TeleHelp 247 - serving individuals who work full or part-time for various companies with insurance or private pay

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If you are in a life threatening situation please dial 911 or - Call +1 (800) 273-8255. For additional resources click here 



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